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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. HERMAN HERMAWAN at bandar lampung
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. HERMAN HERMAWAN at bandar lampung
Address:bandar lampung, Lampung
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Registration Date:Aug. 24, 2015
Last Updated:Dec. 17, 2015
Business Nature:Trade of Agriculture category

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UD ANUGRAH serve orders ANIMAL DOD / DOC, FEED and VITAMIN & pharmaceuticals. Ready to send between islands and provinces wherever you are, Delivery via land ( pickup) or air ( cargo) ... " Guaranteed " .. And believed until now, Certified fisheries agencies / and farms ... how to order please send format reservations: * FULL NAME * ADDRESS * TYPE OF ORDER / TOTAL * HP * NIK ID NO * POST CODE AND SEND TO: TELK: 0821-9351-7310 XL: 0819-9864-6282 PIN BB: 5866DC9C PLEASE READ UP ON CARRY * Prices subject to change * Prices do not include postage * shipping cost is paid by buyer * Dod and Doc Minimum order 300 fish / 3 box * Payment diselesiakan in rek Treasurer Finance UD_ANUGRAH LIVESTOCK after proof of delivery you receive * Serving delivery to all Indonesia ? ? ? ? ? We provide services throughout Indonesia, we have reached Orders to South Kalimantan, Riau, South Sumatra Province, Bandar Lampung, Palembang NTB and NTT. For shipments in lemgkapi with insurance and valid documents from offices FISHERIES & LIVESTOCK FARMS ADDRESS UD_ANUGRAH Jl. Pelita 1 10 Village Bulukarto district. Gadingrejo Kab. Pringsewu Lampung Province HUB Telkomsel INFO: 0821-9351-7310 XL: 0819-9864-6282 PIN BB: 5866DC9C

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