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Boneka Promosi/ Boneka/ Doll/ Promotion Dolls.

Price : Sesuai Bahan. Desain, Ukuran dan Quantity.

Fabric: Various.
Model and Design: Ready stock or Customized.
Logo : Sablon , Embroidery.
Kipas promosi/ Kipas.

Price : Sesuai desain dan quantity.

Design : Customized.
Material : Art carton laminated, PVC.
Color : Full colors.
Balon Promosi/ Balloon.

Price : Sesuai design dan quantity.

Material : rubber.
Logo : customized.
Gelang Karet/ Rubber Wrist Band/ Gelang Promosi/ Gelang/ Gelang Berlogo.

Price : Sesuai desain dan quantity

Material : rubber.
Model : various.
Logo : customized.
Keychain/ Gantungan Kunci/ Key Holder

Price : Sesuai model dan quantity

Material : Metal, Synthetic Leather, etc.
Model : Various.
Logo : Pad print, Engrave.
Trophy/ Plakat/ Piala.

Price : Sesuai desain, bahan dan quantity.

Material: Acrylic, Resin, Stainless Steel, Fiber, Wood.
Design: Customized.
Logo: Laser printing, Engrave.
USB Flash Disk / Flash Drive / Flash Disc

Price : Sesuai model, logo dan quantity.

Name : USB Flash Disk / Flash Drive / Flash Disc.
Model : various.
Logo : sablon/ pad print.
Tumbler/ Botol Stainless Steel/ Tumbler Insert paper/ Termos/ Gelas Stainless Steel/ Botol Minum

Price : Sesuai Model, Logo dan Quantity.

Material : Stainless, Plastic, PVC.
Logo : Sablon, Insert paper.
Model : Various.
Memo Pad/ Memo Set/ Stationery/ Memo.

Price : Sesuai model dan quantity.

Model : Various.
Logo : Sablon.
Color : Ready stock.
Pen holder with Clock and Photo Frame/ Pen Holder Set/ Tempat Alat tulis.

Price : Sesuai model, logo dan quantity.

Pen Holder with Clock and Photo Frame.
Model : various.
Logo : pad print, engrave ( customized) .
Laptop Bag/ Tas Laptop/ Tas Notebook/ Bag/ Tas.

Price : Sesuai Bahan, Desain dan Quantity.

Fabric : Various.
Logo : Sablon, Embroidery.
Design : Customized.
Plastic Pin/ Pin Plastik/ Pin/ Lencana/ Pendant

Price : Sesuai Bahan. Desain dan Quantity

Material : Plastic, Metal.
Logo : Print, Coating.
Design : Customized.
Miniatur Jembatan Suramadu/ Icon kota/ Icon Surabaya/ Miniatur/ Kerajinan Miniatur/ Miniature/ City Miniature/ City Icon.

Price : Sesuai desain dan kuantitas.

Model/ Design : Customized/ Ready.
Material : Fiber, Resin, Acrylic/ Metal.
Mesurement : Customized.
Gift Set/ Office Gift set/ Bussiness Card Case/ Pen Set/ Keychain

Price : Sesuai model, logo dan quantity

Office Gift Set.
Icluded : Bussiness Card case, Pen, Keychain.
Logo : Engrave, Pad print.
Buckle head/ Sabuk/ Kepala sabuk/ Belt/ Gesper/ Kepala gesper.

Price : Sesuai design, bahan dan quantity

Material : Metal, Pewter, Anhass.
Design : Customized.
Dimension : Customized.
Finishing : Chrome, Blacknickle, Brass.
Clock/ Jam Dinding/ Jam.

Price : Sesuai Model, Logo dan Desain.

Material : Plastic, Metal.
Logo : Sablon, Printing.
Model: Wall Clock, Desk Clock, etc.
Measurement : Various.
Tie Clasp / Jepit Dasi.

Price : Sesuai desain, bahan dan quantity.

Material : Brass / Gold Plated.
Logo : 3D, Etching.
Design : Customized.
Spunbond Bag/ Tas Kain Spunbond/ Goodie bag/ Tas Spunbond/ Tas Kain/ Tas.

Price : Sesuai Bahan, Desain dan Quantity.

Fabric : Spunbond.
Logo : Sablon.
Design : Customized.
Pin metal/ Pin logam/ Lencana/ Bros/ Pendant/ Pin kuningan.

Price : Sesuai Bahan. Desain dan Quantity.

Material : Metal ( Polish, Gold and Silver Plated) .
Logo : Etching, Coating, Resin, Embossed 3D.
Design : Customized.
Kotak/ Box/ Kotak Pen/ Kotak Hadiah/ Box Gift/ Packaging.

Price : Sesuai Bahan, Desain dan Quantity.

Material : Paper, Duplex, Carton, Synthetic, etc.
Design: Customized.
Dimension: Customized.
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